Various updates!

Originally posted on our Kickstarter page for contributors:

Hello all! Some of you may have received a recent email newsletter from us. We had an existing newsletter list and decided to add all of our Kickstarter contributors. So, if you read that, some of this update might be a bit redundant. But, some of you may have fallen through the cracks, and these updates also live on our webpage. Anyway! Here’s what we’ve been up to: 

We’ve signed a lease! 

That’s right: The lease has been signed for the next year and change. So the storefront at 810 State Street is secure for the time being. We have a bank account, we’ve put down a deposit, the whole shebang. 

We’re cleaning up the space!

Roger and the gang (Jess, Jordan, Elena, etc.) have been hard at work painting, organizing, and generally bettering the physical space. It looks good in there. Very good in fact! Please note: For the month of May, during the shop’s weekend Saturday/Sunday 3:00pm–5:00pm hours, Roger will still be hosting his “brick wall” music and performance series outside, but the shop inside will be closed for cleaning and renovations. We’ll announce more open hours some time later this month. 


We have taken the first steps toward forming an LLC. We’re also talking to lawyers and people who know about these kinds of things about whether/how to best serve our goals as a legal entity. LLC, 501c3 being the big contenders. Which brings us to…

New name! 

That’s right, I’ve buried the lede! As we’ve mentioned explicitly and alluded to in the past, “Never Ending Books” is a project that belongs to Roger. He hasn’t abandoned it, and still recycles books and hosts events using it. So while we’re taking the reigns on the 810 State Street storefront, we’re not taking over “Never Ending Books.” So, we needed a new name for what we are doing. That name is Volume Two. The name connotes books, the continuation of a tale, and puns on “volume” as in music, which the space hosts. That’s the reasoning behind it! So, Volume Two, A Never Ending Books Collective, if you prefer (not THE Never Ending Books Collective). Otherwise, all is as you know and remember it. Lastly: 


Many of you have filled out your backer surveys, and we’re well on the way to sending you your backer rewards. Thanks! If you received a survey and haven’t filled it out yet, please do so. Thanks! We love you.